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My Little pony

I'm new to this site called deviantart as I see a lot of my little pony ponies is a program that is so beautiful and I like to watch the episodes every day of the week I never miss an episode

All of you probably already know the new generation of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. For one reason or another, has become a great feeling. Even if you like the show or not, you must admit that his success is impressive.

However, this raises a question. Lauren Faust worked on other popular shows, and also in his own line of toys, Girl of the Galaxy. Why she would create the re-make of a toy commercial from the 80, instead of using his ideas for his own show? It could be that she just is nostalgic, because of My Little Pony toys from his childhood, but still, what artist would not rather work on their own ideas ?.

in a good home. Some of the other adoptive families who took her, were only interested in the financial support they would get to adopt a child, and refused to feed or dress. Even when she was in a good home with a good family

Sometimes he painted, drew and wrote about fantastic things. At the same time, his condition was deteriorating more and more, the voices and images became more realistic and stressful


I read this article a few years ago. It was about 6 girls who went to the same school, and who died the same day, January 18, 1989 A friend of mine from North Carolina, sent me an article from a small local newspaper. I had forgotten about it until after watching some

episodes of My Little Pony, and realizing that the protagonists were surprisingly similar to the girls who died. I decided to find that article again. The document had been closed, or maybe I have forgotten the name. So I tried to locate my old friend through the World of Warcraft, and ask for the item. Turns out he had the file saved on your computer.And I was right!There is a definite connection here!

The inspiration for Pinkie Pie is probably the saddest story. Katherine Jackson was an adopted daughter and moved from house to house. His birth father killed his mother and himself, in a fit of rage when she was 5, and she could never settle

  his old memories still haunt her, destroying her fragile sanity in a million pieces. She had nightmares of her mother screaming and bleeding, and screaming for her father

  telling him to come for her. By the time he was in high school, she was completely destroyed. He began to hallucinate and act in school. Some of the other guys, and even teachers, assumed she was very hyper and he was trying to be funny

. She died when he jumped from a building, one of the voices had told her that she could fly. What makes the latter more chilling fact is that Lauren was originally designed as a Pegasus Pinkie Pie, as seen in his initial sketches.


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RKP Jefe /Niogky/ Nakayne Shehs
Artist | Student | Varied
American Samoa
everything I liked my spams to My Little Pony
my life is full of adventures great and my favorite show is my little pony Equestria entros other Grils ^^

Best of America are its beautiful wild landscapes,
We discover that there is a much wilder world than we imagine. This spectacular four-part series takes us to an unknown America, accompanying us on an unforgettable journey across the continent to find mountains, coasts, deserts, forests and jungles of the real America, the wild America.

Heart Border [Purple/Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Purple/Black] by RevPixyHeart Border [Purple/Black] by RevPixy
Grumpy Aria Blaze by Aroddo aria blaze by otakuangelx aria blaze by otakuangelx
Aria Blaze facepalm by Aroddo aria blaze by otakuangelx The Dazzlings by otakuangelx
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Shut Up Baby I Know It! by JarefAdagio Dazzle by otakuangelxshut up by otakuangelx
Rainbow Rocks - Dazzling Dazzlings by AroddoWelcome to the Show by Jarefthe dazzlings by otakuangelx
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oh..right by otakuangelx Sonata Dusk has no clue by AroddoSonata Dusk taco tuesday by otakuangelx
sonata dusk giggle by otakuangelx Sonata Dusk by otakuangelxbattle of the bands by otakuangelx
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Art History is a social science that studies the art and its evolution over time
Usually refers to the visual arts. Art History art forms generally classified into the following periods: prehistoric art, ancient art, classic art, art of the Middle Ages, early modern art and contemporary art.

Queen Chrysalis Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Cadance Stamp by jewlechoLuna -New Version- Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Celestia Stamp by jewlechoTrixie Stamp by jewlechoCheerilee Stamp by jewlechoColgate by jewlechoLyra Stamp by jewlechoBon-Bon Stamp by jewlechoRose Luck Stamp by jewlechoAloe Stamp by jewlechoLotus Stamp by jewlechoMayor Mare Stamp by jewlechoApple Fritter Stamp by jewlechoRoxie Stamp by jewlechoRuby Rhubarb Stamp by jewlecho

Art can be defined as activities or products of human
aesthetic or communicative purposes representing through media such as painting, sculpture, literature or music scenes different realities, ideas, emotions and feelings

The concept art evolves and is a subjective term. Art is also a collection of works and artistic movements corresponding to a time, a style or country

Chocolate Blueberry Stamp by jewlechoRed Gala Stamp by jewlechoCloud Kicker Stamp by jewlechoCherries Jubilee Stamp by jewlechoSerena Stamp by jewlechoMedly Stamp by jewlechoTwinkle Stamp by jewlechoSparkler Stamp by jewlechoJunebug Stamp by jewlechoCherry Jubilee Stamp by jewlechoPhoto Finish by jewlechoSapphire Shores Stamp by jewlechoSweetie Belle Icon by jewlechoScootaloo Stamp by jewlechoApplebloom Stamp by jewlechoHairspray Stamp by jewlecho

Fine Arts is defined as those artistic and creative expression with aesthetic and practical value. Traditionally considered six: architecture, dance, sculpture, literature, music and painting. The film is also sometimes known as the 'seventh art'

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the study; while art, but must, like science, should be based on laws and principles, we always orders the execution. Science does not apply no more than theoretical, speculative;

art on the contrary, is always practical, since it leads actually binding to science ensures the perfection of the work.

Twilight Sparkle Stamp by jewlechoApplejack Stamp by jewlechoPinkie Pie Stamp by jewlechoRarity Stamp by jewlechoFluttershy Stamp by jewlechoRainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlechoZecora Stamp by jewlechoFleur De Lis Stamp by jewlechoDaring Do Stamp by jewlechoDitzy Doo -purple hair- Stamp by jewlechoVinyl Scratch Stamp by jewlechoOctavia Stamp by jewlechoSpitfire Stamp by jewlechoDiamond Tiara Stamp by jewlechoSilver Spoon Stamp by jewlechoSunset Shimmer Stamp by jewl-stamps

In general the concept of art can be reduced to two: utility and beauty. The useful art, merely satisfying material needs and can be extended to most human occupations; beautiful art, translates to realize the beauty in its various manifestations, which is called Fine Arts. There is a middle ground between merely useful arts and essentially beautiful: mixed arts that combine the useful with the aesthetic.

Useful Arts: masonry, carpentry and others that are comprised under the name of manual or industrial Fine arts: painting, sculpture, music, architecture and literature

Princess Luna Stamp by jewlechoNightmare Moon Stamp by jewlechoRaindrops Stamp by jewlechoBabs Seed Stamp by jewlechoNurse Redheart Stamp by jewlechoCarrot Top Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Platinum Stamp by jewlechoPrivate Pansy Stamp by jewlechoCommander Hurricane Stamp by jewlechoChancellor Puddig Head Stamp by jewlechoClover The Clever Stamp by jewlechoSmart Cookie Stamp by jewlechoAnnie Smith Stamp by jewlechoFran Stamp by jewlechoScrewball Stamp by jewlechoDerpy Hooves Stamp by jewlecho

Sculpture is called the art of modeling clay, carving in stone, wood or other materials. It is one of the fine arts in which the sculptor expresses volumes creating and shaping spaces.

In all the arts of sculpture and carving chisel, along with casting and molding are included. In sculpture, the use of different combinations of materials and resources has created a new artistic repertoire, which includes processes such as Constructivism and assemblage. In a generic sense, the term sculpture plastic art work by the sculptor

Adagio Dazzle Fan Stamp by Knightmare-MoonSonata Dusk Fan Stamp by Knightmare-MoonAria Blaze Fan Stamp by Knightmare-MoonEQGRR: Fruit Punch Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: Adagio Dazzle Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: One In The Same Thing Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: Tension Stamp by harvestcheddarEquestria Girls Trixie Stamp by Knightmare-Moon
MLP EQ RR Not Bad by Jailboticus2MLP EQ RR The Dazzlings by Jailboticus2MLP EQ RR The Dazzlings Transform by Jailboticus2The Dazzlings Stamps by NatouMJSonic
Rainbow Rocks stamp (animated) by ShinyWhiteWatersAria Blaze Stamp by TambelonAdagio Dazzle Stamp by TambelonSonata Dusk Stamp by TambelonMLP EQ Fan Stamp by JailboticusMLP EQ Wondercolts v3 by JailboticusMLP EQ Dance by JailboticusMLP EQ Fan Stamp v2 by JailboticusMLP EQ Rainbow Dash cam by JailboticusMLP EQ Rainbow Swing and RaritySTEP by JailboticusMLP EQ Rainbow Dash Tray by JailboticusEQG: Cafeteria Song 4 Stamp by harvestcheddarMLP EQ Fluttershy Transformation by JailboticusEQG: Peanut Butter Crackers Stamp by harvestcheddarEQG: Cafeteria Song 1 Stamp by harvestcheddarMLP EQ Vinyl Scratch v2 by Jailboticus
Sunset Shimmer Has A Plan Stamp by harvestcheddarsunset shimmer Transformation by otakuangelxsunset shimmer by otakuangelxSunset Shimmer Stamp [RR] by TambelonI didn't know there was another way Stamp by harvestcheddarSunset Shimmer stamp for Evowizard25 by LordPendragonOfCariaEquestria Girls Sunset Shimmer Stamp by Knightmare-MoonEG Sunset Shimmer Stamp by NatouMJSonicEQGRR: Gald You're Here Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: Sunset Hmmm Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: Sunset Not Sure If Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: Sunset's Idea Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: Sunset Embarrassed Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: Sunset Clap II Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: That's Really Impressive Stamp by harvestcheddarEQGRR: I'm Used To It Stamp by harvestcheddar
Nightmare Moon by Re-thoLuna Winking Stamp by VipeyDashieNight Mare Stamp - MLP:FIM by irradiationPrincess Luna by Re-thoPrincess Luna by Re-thoLuna Stamp by schwarzekatze4Luna stamp by tofuudogStamp luna by Cindycs4Luna Stamp by KanashiiBara
Queen Chrysalis Fan by GeminiGirl83Queen Chrysalis Stamp for ChrysalisLover by Anzu18Queen Chrysalis by Re-thoPrincess Celestia Stamp by TheNarffyCelestia VS Chrysalis 2 by GeminiGirl83Queen Chrysalis Stamp by Anzu1815# Stamp Request - Nightmare Rarity by Anzu18(Request) Nightmare Rarity Stamp by SoraRoyals77Snowdrop stamp by ClassicAmySnowdrop Stamp by MedussaMayhemMLP Stamp: Twilight and Cadence Dance by MaxxLavaSmileSmileSmile by azianwolfdoll
Shining Armor and Princess Cadance by GeminiGirl83MLP FIM Stamp. by Pinky1babeRarity 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHansRarity With Glasses Stamp by SunnStampPrincess Celestia Stamp Animated by moonprincesslunaLuna Stamp by moonprincesslunaDerpy Hooves by Re-thoCadance Chrysalis by Re-thoPrincess Twilight Sparkle by Re-thoDiscord x Celestia by Re-thoSonic Rainboom stamp by AmberAppleMLP:FIM Stamp by Krazy-ChibiDouble Dash by azianwolfdollAwww Look He Likes You by azianwolfdollYOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME by X2010Octavia by Re-thoFluttershy by Re-thoPrincess Celestia by Re-thoPrincess Celestia - stamp by V1KAApplejack 'Boreal' Stamp by BlueDragonHansApplejack - stamp by V1KAVinyl Scratch or Dj-Pon3 by Re-thoMLP Stamp by MisgivingsXIt is ON by AntonyCMLP EQ RR The Rainbooms by Jailboticus2MLP EQ RR Jelly Dash by Jailboticus2MLP EQ Rarity Stomp by JailboticusVS. by JailboticusMLP EQ Sad Mystery by JailboticusRainbow Slide by JailboticusMLP EQ Wondercolts v2 by JailboticusMLP EQ Pinkie Pie Transformation Stamp by JailboticusRariPie Stamp by SunnStampEQGRR: Mane 7 Stamp by harvestcheddarRarity Transformation by otakuangelx

  • Listening to: Nightmare Night
  • Playing: Crysis 1. 2 .3
  • Eating: pasta
  • Drinking: Refrescos



My Little Pony: Equestria Girls: Friendship Games
or simply titled Friendship Games It is the third film in the saga of films My Little Pony Equestria Girls and sequel to My Little Pony: Equestria Girls and My Little The film was first announced at the International Toy Fair 2015 London Family Discovery is released in the September 26, 2015 and October 9, 2015 in Cinépolis Mexico 

The third installment was teased for the first time by the co-director of Rainbow Rocks, Ishi Rudell. Donald Brony "Katt Dusty" Rhodes tweeted wondering about Rudell silence on Twitter, and announced it was Rudell too busy working on the film No. 3 

The January 20, 2015 at the International Toy Fair in London 2015, people attending the fair were able to enjoy a preview of a lot of new toys Hasbro potentially be launched in the future. Addressed a set of new products My Little Pony: Equestria Girls for the upcoming movie supposed to be called Friendship Games

:iconpurple-nplz::iconpurple-eplz::iconpurple-wplz: :iconpurple-yplz::iconpurple-oplz::iconpurple-rplz::iconpurple-kplz::iconpurple-cplz::iconpurple-iplz:



The world has been ravaged by a series of climatic disasters and society is on the brink of total chaos. Now the aliens have returned with a new invasion force no less willing to annihilate humanity, beginning to tear one of the most iconic cities of the earth

In New York,
terrifying alien invaders stalk the streets and a plague spreads at high speed and kill thousands of people in the city. The city systems have collapsed, the streets are destroyed, the buildings are on fire, New York as you've never seen before

Neither paramilitaries nor the might of the American military can stop the invaders, and all who flee not be a dead man. Surviving in this scenario full of death and destruction will require a much more advanced technology than any soldier of today can imagine

Only one man can survive. A super soldier bearing the Nanosuit 2 will have the last word to survive in this jungle called New York.

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